LCAF is a registered charitable organization 1998 (#880342761RR0001) with an elected board of directors. In addition to this board there is also a committee that helps with other tasks usually closer to festival time. On top of that there is a group of approximately 30 dedicated volunteers who work in a variety of capacities during the festival week to help bring it together.
Board of Directors
Chairperson: Vacant
Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Vicki Noseworthy
Secretary: Vacant

Chantelle Anderson (Nunatsiavut Gov. representative)
Ashley Barrett
Tim Borlase (Acting Chair)
Rupert Dawe
Jamie Felsberg
Amanda Gibson
Kevin Lamond
Volunteers and Staff
Festival Coordinator: Sandra Broomfield.

Festival Committee: Karla Abbass, Philomena Abbass, Matthew Barrett, Debbie Gill, Suzanne Mealey, Regina Wells.

Leading up to and during the festival week there are many people who volunteer in a number of ways to help facilitate the festival organization e.g., hosting visiting artist, soirees, billeting artists and students, driving, chaperoning, office support, etc.

There are no permanent employees of the festival. A co-ordinator is hired for so many weeks each year.
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Labrador Creative Arts Festival
Labrador, Canada

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