Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • Eight schools from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Northwest River & Sheshatshiu participate.
  • Forty short plays with a variety of themes performed in a variety of locations over a one-week period.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • Initial funding from an Explorations Grant through Canada Council.
  • Sixty groups participate with Hopedale, Nain, Rigolet, Makkovik and Paradise River joining the schools of the Lake Melville area.
  • Festival moves to the Kin Centre for the entire week.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • 90 groups perform during the daytime, in North West River & Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
  • Festival directly involves 2,000 students.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • Major Canada Council grant is received.
  • Festival moves to evening performances at the USAF Social Centre.
  • Cartwright and Mud Lake join in for the first time.
  • For the first time an animateur is employed. Thea Borlase's role is to help increase student awareness in the arts.
  • Local heritage activities are planned for the coastal students during the daytime.
  • Certificates of participation and special merit are awarded.
  • Coverage of the Festival in a workshop at the National Conference of Canadian Council of Teachers of English as well as at the Provincial High School Drama Festival.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton
Theme: Them Days
Animateur: Cathy Pottle

  • National Book Festival grant received.
  • Festival moves to Goose High School and Black Tickle joins for the first time.
  • The Festival is featured in an article in 'Act II' Atlantic Teachers' Magazine and workshopped by Dorrie Brown at the the Educational Drama & Spoken English Council Annual Workshop.


Coordinators: Libby Anderson, Noreen Heighton & Anne Perry
Theme: Changing Times
Animateur: Tim Borlase

  • First use of visiting artists with the inclusion of puppeteer Natalie Rewa, from Toronto
  • Davis Inlet brings a play to the Festival for the first time.
  • National coverage as a featured full-length show 'Bush Plane to Goose Bay' airs on CBC FM Arts National.


Coordinators: Cal Patey, Tim Borlase & Libby Anderson
Animateurs: Gaye Hauser & Katherine Smithrim
Visiting artists: Leonard Peterson, playwright; Stephen Hauser, artist; Cassie Brown, author; Bill Ritchie, artist; Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • Major funding from Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, Secretary of State & IODE.
  • Special project under an Exploration Grant develops historical photographs from the 'Them Days' collection
  • Visiting artists: Leonard Peterson, playwright; Stephen Hauser, artist; Cassie Brown, author; Bill Ritchie, artist; Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • First Button Design Competition. Winner: Darren Michelin, grade 8 student at Lake Melville School. The winning design is used to make buttons which are presented to all participating students and artists.
  • For the first time visiting artists are sent to the coast to include more students in the Festival.
  • First student art exhibition: teachers are invited to submit their students' art work, the pieces are sorted and a sample from several schools is sent to all of the participating schools.
  • West St. Modeste sends a play to the Festival for the first time.
  • Two-day teacher workshop on the arts


Coordinators: Noreen Heighton, Cal Patey, Libby Anderson & Tim Borlase
Animateur: Carmel Doyle
Button design winner: Lisa Michelin, grade 8, Lake Melville School.
Visiting artists: Sheila Brown, music; Deborah Dunleavy, mime; Gail Innes, dance; Henry Beissil, playwright; Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • Most of the plays were videotaped that year and the Festival sponsored Hopedale's Amos Comenius Memorial School's attendance at the Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival (adult).


Coordinators: Libby Anderson, Cal Patey & Tim Borlase
Animateur: Wendy Berner, dramatist.
Button design winner: Jack Penashue of Peenamin MacKenzie School in Sheshatshiu.
Visiting artsists: Sonja Dunn, storyteller & dramatist; Beni Malone, clown; Ken Gass, playwright; John Bonia, instrumentalist; Rose Adams, visual artist.

  • Port Hope Simpson & Churchill Falls participate for the first time.


No festival this year.


Coordinators: Libby Anderson, Cal Patey & Tim Borlase
Animateur: Dorothy Jane Needles, actress, playwright and teacher.
Button design winner: Jimmy Ponniuk of Peacock Academy, Happy Valley.
Visiting artists: Newfoundland Dance Theatre; Scott McIsaac, clown; Josephine Kalleo, author

  • Eight of the plays entered in the Creative Arts Festival go to the Regional High School Drama Festival and Hopedale's Amos Commenius Memorial School's 'Second Chance', a play about suicide, wins a spot in the Provincial High School Drama Festival.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Cal Patey
Animateur: Marion Cheeks
Button Design winner:
Visiting artists: Charlotte Cormier & Donald Deschenes, Acadian folksingers; Penny Kemp, sound; Anita Best, Newfoundland folksinger; Gwen Lawson, photography & pottery; Judy McGrath, 'Them Days Magazine'.

  • First time at CAF for Red Bay & St. Lewis


Coordinators: Libby Anderson, Cal Patey, Tim Borlase & Marg Wakeman
Animateur: Wendy Berner
Button Design winner: Sherry Dyson, grade 6, Peacock Elementary, Happy Valley.
Visiting Artists: Maritime Marionettes, performing 'Cinderella'; Maxim Mazumdar, actor; Joan MacLeod, playwright; Cindy Wheeler, music & visual artist; Jay Barry, visual artist; Mavis Penney, stage craft; Sylvie Gawley, creative movement & dance.

  • This year the Festival moved to the fall, to promote the use of drama as both a methodology and teaching tool throughout the year.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cal Patey, Libby Anderson & Marg Wakeham
Animateur: Jim Shea
Button Design winner: Connie Keefe, grade 12, St. Peter's School, Black Tickle
Visiting Artists: Jest In Time, movement & mime; Lilliput, musical play troupe; Sonja Dunn, drama & lyricist; Gilbert Haye, Inuit sculptor; June Baikie, music; Janice Wiseman, children's playwright; Deidre Kessler, author; Ewing Gallery art show

  • A new initiative this year: the promotion of native foods. Goose High School Foods class prepared and the graduation committee from Our Lady Queen of Peace School served local dishes such as caribou stew, moose soup, boiled salmon, caribou chili, redberry juice, and baked char. Recipes were collected and a cookbook was produced. Said cookbook now in use in Home Economics classes across Labrador.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Marg Wakeham & Cal Patey
Animateur: Gaye Hauser
Button Design Winner: Robyn Holwell, Cartwright.
Visiting Artists: Cornelia Boucher-McLeod & Billy McLeod, singers; Rising Tide Theatre, 'Falling Through the Cracks'; Mermaid Theatre, puppet theatre; Atlantic String Quartet; Larry Zacharko, playwright; Rita Cox, storyteller; Marlene Creates photography exhibit; Christine Parker Gallery of Fine Arts & Scott Goudie, art show.

  • Labrador City and Postville participate for the first time, meaning that the Festival has for the first time reached all areas of Labrador.


Coordinator: Tim Borlase
Animateur: Peter Soucy
Button Design Winner: Paul MacDonald, Goose High School
Visiting Artists: Di Dabinett, silk paintings; Ilse Hughes, visual artist; Christine Parker Gallery of Fine Arts; Susan Atkinson-Keen, author; Christopher Heide, author; Carol Bolt, author; Sandy Frances Duncan, author; Larry Zacharko, playwright; Menihek Stage Band; Penashue Band; June Baikie, balladeer; Beni Malone, clown; Christine Taylor, drama; Mermaid Theatre, puppet show; Danse Encorps; Dorothy Bowman & Eric Traplin, movement & storytelling.


Festival Committee: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Penny Hunter, Noreen Heighton, Cal Patey, Sean McLennon, Owen Budden
Animateur: Lois Brown
Button Design Winner: Cheryl Hope, Mud Lake School, Mud Lake.
Visiting artists: Jo Leslie, dancer; Maritime Marionettes; Youthspeak, Nigel Markham, filmmaker; Ian Tamblyn, sound exploration; Holly Tsan Hagerty, shadow puppets; Larry Zacharko, playwright; Herb Brown, presenting 'Visions of this Land' video featuring many local artists; Happy Valley-Goose Bay Community Concert Band.


Festival Committee: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Penny Hunter, Noreen Heighton, Cal Patey, Sean McLennon, Owen Budden Ferstival
Animateur: Lorne Pardy, once a student participant in this Festival.
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Gerald Squires, painting & portraiture; Boyd Chubbs, author & visual artist; Manfred Buchheit, photography as art; Mavis Penney, art education; Werner Zimmerman, cartooning & illustration; George Elliott-Clarke, author; Budge Wilson, author of children's books; Elizabeth Anderson, puppetry, clowning, mime; Adrian Rodgers, theatre games, character development; Christopher Heide, character development, scriptwriting & improvisaton; Fonz van der Linden, dance & movement; Heather & Eric, children's performers; Music Arsenal, electronic music.


Festival Committee: Dorrie Brown, Noreen Heighton, Penny Hunter, Sean McLennon, Cal Patey
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Allison Edmunds, visual arts; Bill Wheaton, visual arts; Jane Sasanow-White, fabric art; Doris Saunders, embroidery; Don Noseworthy, jazz musician; Roseneath Productions, storyteller's theatre; Maritime Marionettes; Pierre Leclerc, chansonnier; Jedd Blackmore, musical theatre; Julia Rank, dance; Julie Scriver, publisher; June Baikie, songwriter; Jim Payne, folksinger & fiddler; Vivi Chediac, choral director; Bill Gaston, author; Deirdre Kessler, songwriter, storyteller; Heather Collins, illustrator; Eskasoni Drummers.


Festival Committee: Lorraine Baker, Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Rick Fennimore, Noreen Heighton, Penny Hunter, Donna Lee McLennon, Sean McLennon, Tony Normore, Cal Patey
Animateur: Michelle Daigle
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Primus Theatre; Heather & Eric; Mary Alice Downey, author; Jenni Mayer, author; Rod McIntyre, author; Don Yashinski, storyteller; Coleen Curran, playwright; Rass Ma Tazz, music & dance for children; Charles Monpetit, author & illustrator; Gwynne Dyer, author; Helen Peters, festival script book; Ilse Hughes, art exhibit of 6 women artists; Herb Brown, soapstone carving display.


Festival Committee: Lorraine Baker, Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Sharon Edmunds, Peggy Fennimore, Rick Fennimore, Noreen Heighton, Donna Lee McLennon, Sean McLennon, Mike O'Donnell, Merril Strachan
Animateur: Edmund McLean
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Primus Theatre; Heather & Eric with Dermot O'Reilley; Janice Udell, painter; Allison Edmunds, painter; Conrad Furey, painter; Sharon Puddister, printmaker; Carol Bolt, playwright; Bonita Slunder, TV script writer; Kathleen Winter, Rhian Brynjolson, illustrator; Martyn Godfrey; Budge Wilson, writer; Michael Kusugak, storyteller; Terry Morrison, storyteller; David Woods, poet & playwright; Helen Peters; Sean Debidin, choreographer; Libby Anderson, puppeteer; graduating drama students from Leo J. Austin High School, Whitby, Ontario; Marion Cheeks, filmmaker, making a film about the LCAF.


Festival Coordinators: Lorraine Baker, Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Paula Corbett, Sharon Fudge, Noreen Heighton, Mary Piercey, Melvie Roberts, Janine White
Advisors: Cal Patey, Merrill Strachan
Volunteers: Ruby Best, Mary Dalton, Shelley Elliott, Julie Greene, Katimavik, Leighanne Power, Michelle Wood
Animateur: Alison Currie
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: FIRST (comprehensive aboriginal art display); Rex Deverell, playwright; John Weier, poet; Carol Langille, author; Milan Tytla, scientist & author; Vladyana Krykorka, illustrator; Christine Koch, visual artist; Melina Benson, engraver; Music Arsenal; Heather Bambrick, Jazz; Woman of Labrador & Saltwater Moon productions; Louise Moyes, dancer/choreographer


Coordinator: Tim Borlase
Committee: Dorrie Brown, Sharon Fudge, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Donna Lee McLennon, Mary Piercey, Melvie Roberts, Gillian Saunders, Patty Way.
Volunteers: Ruby Best, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, Peggy Fennimore, Mary Horne, Janice MacKay, Suzanne Mealey, Doris Saunders, Marg Saunders
Animateur: Jocelyn Cunningham
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Legend-Tipatchimun, Innu Band; Sheilagh Harvey, painter; Tara Bryant, painter, bookbinder; Di Dabinett, silk paintings; Dinah Andersen, sculptor; Dwayne Compton, computer assisted design technology; Karen White, wreath making; Robin Peck, print maker; Jamie Lewis & Marion Cheeks, Gathering Voices video project; Dr. Peansiri Vonvipanond, Thai culture; Le Groupe des Arts Bassan, African dance, drumming, cooking, chanting & jewellery making; Jim Morrow, puppet making; David Woods, playwright & poet; Milan Tytla, science writer; Penny Wooding, author/illustrator; Andrea Wanne von Konigslow, author/illustrator; Veronica Charles, author/illustrator; Hugh MacDonald, poet/children's author; Drew Hayden Taylor, playwright; From Bach to Beatles; Tracy Sher, musical theatre; Northern Harmony, community choir; Makkovik Moravian choir; Kathleen Hicks & Olivia Clayton, dance/choreography; Micheline Manseau, ecology


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Jillian Davis, Joyce Davis, Janet Dymond, Debbie Gill, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Madelyn Kelly, Donna Lee McLennon, Suzanne Mealey, Melvie Roberts, Gillian Saunder
Animateur: Bette Douglas
Button Design Winner: Amalia Jararuse, Amos Comenius Memorial School, Hopedale
Visiting Artists: Bernice Morgan, author; Judy Shier, ventriloquist; Mike Burns, storyteller; Betty Dorion, author; Michael Crummey, poet; Beaconsfield Junior High School Band; Suzanne Bennett & Shane MacPherson, musical theatre; Ross Flowers, stone carving; Di Dabinett, silk painting; Judy Taylor, painted floor mats; Don Short, muralist; Dufflebag Theatre; Eleanor Crowder, hero talk & shadow puppets; Mary Piercey, Irish dancing; Jill Kieley, kaleidography; Marion Cheeks & Jamie Lewis, Gathering Voices video production; Helen Peters, 'Who Asked Us Anyway' script compilation project.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cheryl Broomfield, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, Debbie Gill, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Kathleen Hicks, Suzanne Mealey, Melvie Roberts
Animateur: Todd Hennessey
Button Design Winner: Gary Keefe, St. Peter's School, Black Tickle
Visiting Artists: Betsey Struthers, poet & mystery writer; Barbara Greenwood, historical fiction author; Daniel Lillford, playwright; Susan Goyette, poet; Barbara Reid, author/illustrator, plasticine artist; Jenny Cruikshank, voice; Gary & Jennifer Mitchell, traditional Labrador music; Teresa Doyle, singer; Anastasia Des Roches, step dancer/fiddler; Margaret Best, painter; Cecilia Bungay, folk dancer; John J. Wall, musician; Catherine Wright, movement & choreography; Angaangaq Lyberth, drumdancer; Geordie Theatre Company's 'A Promise Is a Promise'; Renee Pilgrim, film artist


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cheryl Broomfield, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, Debbie Gill, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Kathleen Hicks, Suzanne Mealey, Melvie Roberts
Animateur: Scott Burke
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Louise Profeit LeBlanc, storyteller; Toby Kinsella, storyteller; Rene Fumoleau, storyteller; Chief Lindsay Marshall, poet; Nympha Byrne, Innu collector & writer; Patty Way, genealogist; Michelle Baikie, photographer (The Orkneys, Coming Home exhibit); Tara Bryan, illustrator/book maker (Books in a Box project); Andrea Beck, children's author; Laura Jackson, environmental activist; Daniel David Moses, playwright; Debahjamajig Theatre; Joe Blades, poet; Streetnix, a capella group; Katrein, jazz singer; Judy Matthews, painter; Maritime Marionettes

  • Last year of filming by Marion Cheeks & Jamie Lewis for the documentary on the Festival.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cheryl Broomfield, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, DebbieGill, Noreen Heighton, Kathleen Hicks, Suzanne Mealey
Animateur: Laurie Murphy
Button Design Winner:
Visiting Artists: Andy Stewart & Mary Jo Slattery, Cajun music; Alexandra Conover & Ned Garner, 'jig-a-jig' music; Lester Burden, artist working with found materials; Jeffrey Denny, Mik'maw dancer and assemblage creator; Clarice Rudkowski, environmental activist & paint dancing; Trickster, learning through action group; Judy McGrath, natural dye specialist; Elaine Anton, ethnologist; Leah Rosenmeier, archaeologist; Shirley Moorhouse, Inuit fabric artist; Nympha Byrne, Innu storyteller; Karen Pye, clothing designer; Gilbert Hay, sculptor; Janet McNaughton, author; Shelley Leedahl, author; Adrienne Mason, science writer; Susan Tooke, illustrator/graphic designer; Sharon Cavanagh, playwright; Linda Hutzell Manning, poet/picture book author/playwright; Les & Glenys Noseworthy, painter (lighthouses); Heather & Eric, children's performers; Daughters of the Rock, a capella group; Dorrie Brown, designing props

  • Release of the video 'Now It's Our Turn The Spirit of The Labrador Creative Arts Festival'. Produced by Marion Cheeks, this video chronicles the first 25 years of the Festival.

Coordinators: Tim Borlase,
Animateur: Larry Zacharko
Button Design Winner: Lee Semigak, Lake Melville School, North West River
Visiting Artists: Diane Hicks Morrow, poet; Carmelita McGrath, author; Jean Blackie, author; David Carpenter, poet & murder mystery author; Beni Malone & Anahario White Malone, clowning & circus techniques; Michelle Baikie, photography &computer digitization; Sheilagh Harvey, painter; Lester Burden, art with found objects; El Viento Flamenco; Nain Drum Dancers; Sun Dogs, rock band; Jan Thornhill, author; Holly Hagerty, storyteller; Kevin Major, author; George Paul & the Red Ochre Band; Sandra Blackmore, dancer; Lambchops, musical improv troupe; Cindy Gibbons, stories of past times at Red Bay & L'Anse Amour; Jan Foley, visual artist; Omar Badrin, painter; Judy Russell, visual art;
Exhibits: Moravian Church Photographic collection; Home Remedies; Student art from the RC School Board 1997.

  • Birth of the 'Wish Fish', a huge paper fish sculpture made by Jan Foley. Written wishes were inserted in the fish which was delivered to Julie Bettney, Minister of Culture. This creation became the symbol for the community's lobbing to have a new auditorium, the 'Wish Fish Auditorium', built on the new high school.
  • LCAF, in conjunction with the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Arts Council, sponsored the 'Dreamcatcher Tour' featuring Tom Jackson & Susan Aglukark.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase,
Animateurs: Deb Loughead & Noreen Heighton
Winning Button Design: Ryan Thompson, grade 7, Queen of Peace Middle School, HV-GB.
Visiting Artists: Red Suga, Mi'kmaq hip-hop artists; Yvonne Ng, dancer; Scruncheons, percussion group; Maya Apfelbaum, dancer (with elephants); Gerard Kelly, sculptor; Dawn MacNutt, sculptor in copper wire; Shirley Greer, printmaker & bookbinder; Bettina Reinsch, batik; Tracy Keats, potter; Celia Lottridge, storytelling; Maxine Trottier, historical fiction

  • Glenn Tilley, CBC radio producer, spent a week with students to produce a radio play written by a local student. The play was broadcast on CBC Weekend AM.


Coordinators: Tim Borlase
Animateur: Ken Schwartz
Winning Button Design:
Visiting Artists: Rachna Gilmore, author; Jane Drake; Peter Stone, Kenneth McGregor, Karleen Bradford, Mary Jo Slattery & Andy Steward, Cajun music; Anne Love; Cathia Finkel; Ann Hart; Cindy O'Neill, actor; Janie Park, children's author; Baptiste Neis & Montgomery Hall, video; Kenny Mead, set design & technician; Suzie Counsel; Kenata Native Dancers.

  • New: students developed stories and produced short videos with the help of Baptiste Neis & Montgomery Hall.


Coordinator: Rachael Borlase
Committee: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Caroline Crawford, Debbie Gill, Claudia Mann, Suzanne Mealey, Geoff Richardson,
Animateur: Steven Drover
Winning Button Design:
Visiting Artists: Sarah Stoker, dance; Jan Andrews, author; Linda Carson, visual art; Susan Tooke, illustrator; Wallace Ryan, cartoonist; Vicki Grant, author; Kevin McAleese, Curator of Archaeology and Ethnology Provincial Museum Of Newfoundland and Labrador; Anna Marie Kerr; Tara Patriquin; Anna MacLean; Matthew Walker; Shawn Duggan; Stephen Loring, archaeologist; Ed Kavanagh, author/musician; Jane Wells, Sherry Smith & Lorne Pardy, acting workshops; Ellen Bryant Obed, author; Byron Hamel, songwriter; Kathleen Borlase, Kathleen Hicks, Judy Bradley, Merrill Strachan & Caroline Crawford, Nothern Mosaic;


Coordinator: Joyce Davis
Animateur: Robert Chafe
Winning Button Design:
Visiting Artists: Louise Moyes, dance & storytelling; Port-au-port Story: Mattis Benoit, Romano DiNillo, Duane Andrews, Diana Daly; Joanne Taylor, author; Mary Ellen Wright, genealogist; Anna Syperek, painter; Peter Murphy, videographer; Irene Poole & Tim Campbell, actors; Lynda Faulks & Victorine Dionne, clay project; James Anderson (Uncle Jim Anderson), history in photos; Audrey Feltham, printmaker; Maureen Hull, author; Janet McNaughton, author; Contemperc (percussion): Michel Deschenes, Pierre Guy Blanchard, Joel Cormier; Michelle Baikie, photography; Mavis Penney, visual artist


Coordinator: Rachael Borlase
Committee: Dorrie Brown Fiona Anderson, Tim Borlase, Debbie Gill, Martha MacDonald, Claudia Mann, Suzanne Mealey, Geoff Richardson
Animateur: Varrick Grimes
Winning Button Design:
Visiting Artists: Beatrix Arendt, archaeologist; Ted Staunton, author; Pete Barrett, fabric artist; Calvin Jackman, painter; Sara Tilley, clown; Yvonne Ng, dancer; Alice Walsh, author; Gerald Freake, accordion player; Cherie Pyne, 'Rock School for Girls'; Duncan Major, author, visual artist; Hilary Rice; Doug Rodger & Barbara Gordon, theatre; Mabaroshi Orchestra, shadow puppetry; East Rock Crew, hip-hop dancers; Ticklish Brother, video shoot & editing; Ron Fougere, architect.


Coordinator: Dorrie Brown
Committee: Fiona Andersen, Valerie Anderson, Tim Borlase,Caroline Crawford, Debbie Gill, Martha MacDonald,Suzanne Mealey, Penny, Angèle Yetman,
Button design winner: Caitlin LePatourelle from Queen of Peace Middle School.
Animateur: Sara...h McDonald-Anderson
Visiting Artists: Craig Goudie, visual artist; Calla Lachance, danser; Robert Chafe, playwrite, Skeena Reese; Jason Skellar; Jowi Taylor, Six-String Nation Project; Agnes Walsh; SusanChalker-Browne; Dale Jarvis; ShirleyMontague; Melanie Mooney; Heather &Eric; Emily Pohl-Weary; Kathleen Winter; Vickie Walsh; Derek Wilton; Byron Hamel; Christina Smith

We don't have the names of all the button designers. If you know who the button winner was for a particular year, please contact the webmaster.


Coordinator: Fiona Andersen
Committee: Tim Borlase, Caroline Crawford, Debbie Gill, Martha MacDonald, Suzanne Mealey, Angele Yetman
Button design winner:
Animateur: Tim Borlase
Visiting Artists: Rachel Bower, Documentary Film Maker; GillianDavidge, Heritage Instructor; Christopher Moore, Writer; Mary Horne, Costume Technician; Shelley Neville & Peter Halley, Opera for Kids; Jody Richardson, Musician; Rick Sacks, Percussionist; Andrew Safer, Writer/Communications Workshop Facilitator; Catherine Safer, Children's Author; Nikki Shaffeeulah, Theatre Artist; Dr. Zoo - Performance Group (Afro-Celtic-Rock and Storytelling); Shirley Moorhouse, Visual Artist; John McDonald: Visual Artist; Natasha MacLellan: Actor, writer, director, producer and teacher; Mark Power: Theatre
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