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Throughout the years of this now soon to be 43-year-long festival there have been hundreds of friendships, lessons, experiences, and memories made, an endless amount if you will... We have heard stories over the years, shared laughter and smiles and even told our own memories a time or two but we, the Labrador Creative Arts Festival, thought about it and decided that we want to share with YOU all of these stories that each one of us holds so dear... and who better to tell it than YOU! That's right, this year we want to hear from you! Throughout the week of the festival, before and even after it's over we want you to tell us your stories, share your experiences and dazzle us with your memories, and in return we will pick some to be posted on our website for the world to see! All you have to do is post on one of our social media pages (facebook, instagram...) with the hashtag " #mylcafstory ", sharing your favorite part of this festival. We want to know what the festival means to you, why you love it, why it made you laugh... you tell us! Because we want the WHOLE WORLD to see, why this festival is so special to us all! Happy writing!

Also, throughout the week of the festival there will be a lot going on all over Labrador and we know that most of you will be on your phones and computers etc messaging and emailing and especially on social media, so why not snap a picture or two with you and your friends wherever you are and show the rest of the festival what you're up to! Use the hashtag " #lcaf43 " on Instagram attached to your post and tell us what you're doing! Don't forget to tag us in it as well ( @labcreativearts ) so it attaches right to our page so we can check out your sweet photo upload! But don't forget to check out what the others are doing by looking through the feed... and remember... keep up to date by checking our posts occasionally so you don't miss out on any details!
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