Festivals in the 2020s

2020-21 - Virtual Sessions

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there were no live performances for the 45th Labrador Creative Arts Festival. Instead, virtual sessions were held throughout 2020-21.

45th Festival, 2021-22

Coordinator: Sandra Broomfield

Committee: Debbie Gill, Martha MacDonald, Tim Borlase, Martha MacDonald, Rupert Dawe, Vicki Noseworthy, Karla Abbass, Jamie Felsberg, Denise Cole, Tina White

Animateur: NONE - Covid-19 - no plays

Winning button design: Rahel Porter, Grade 12, Menihek High, Labrador city

Theme: Respect

Artists Participated:

The 2020-21 Virtual 45th Festival saw a total of 88 sessions available to teachers/students on the LCAF You Tube Channel by the middle of February! Aunt Nellie Winters, who she is fondly known as in Labrador had 15 videos of stories from her early life living in Okak Bay and resettling to Makkovik. These stories shared what life was like back then, the trials of living on the land, and the continuation of a rich heritage and culture for many Labradorians! Roxanne Nochasak had 6 sessions on learning some beginning Inuktitut — a language that is working hard to become a vibrant part once again of the Inuit heritage. Both of these ladies displayed great respect for their heritage and culture and shared it with all of Labrador.

Michael Wheeler presented Coding sessions and used the cultural images for his base — the well-known Inuit Blanket Toss, the beautiful Northern Lights, Ski-doo races, and the High Kick from the Inuit games! This was presented respectfully to learn the great skills of "coding", which is a huge part of today's technological world.

Julie Lewis prepared many sessions on sketching/drawing heroes and using tea to paint a traditional Innu Tea Doll.

Kelly Bruton prepared sessions on respecting Nature and what we can find there by really observing your surroundings and respecting them with your drawings and creations.

Sarah McCarthy and Jessica Dahn used their book, "Caribou & You" to show respect for an animal that was once so plentiful around Labrador that it was a vital part of the Labradorian diet. It brought the Caribou to life and what we need to respect to allow the Caribou herds to grow again.

Joan Decker — through Perchance Theatre — reminded Labradorians about a well- known cultural celebration on Old Christmas Night — the Nalujuks would come for a visit! This production helps share the respect we have for past rituals and to keep them alive.

Andrew Mercer, The Swinging Belles, Amy Hillis & Meagan Milatz prepared sessions that would show how music plays such a vital role in our lives — the respect that we give to the creations that come from our inner souls when we create music. Music is also a vital part of the Labrador heritage and culture with many songs depicting life over the years.

Allison Kelly and Ian Locke had students involved in exercises that would allow them to get into character, speak out and be heard - let your voice roar! This can be used by students to communicate about issues they feel are in their communities.

The Mermaid Theatre presented videos for younger students to create puppets and make a stage to carry out puppet shows — using their voices to show the stories they respect and know. As you can see — RESPECT was highlighted in every session created!

2020-21 Final Report


2021-22 - Virtual Sessions

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there were no live performances for the 46th Labrador Creative Arts Festival. Instead, virtual sessions were held throughout 2021-22.

46th Festival November-February, 2021-22

Coordinator: Sandra Broomfield

Committee: Martha MacDonald, Tim Borlase, Martha MacDonald, Rupert Dawe, Vicki Noseworthy, Karla Abbass, Denise Cole, Tina White, Amanda Gibson, Martina Lavallee

Animateur: Meghan Greeley - Covid-19 - Plays are filmed and viewed virtually

Winning button design: Ciara Benson, Grade 9, Menihek High, Labrador City

Theme: Resurgence

Artists Participated: The LCAF had virtual artists visit classrooms, along with local artists visiting their local schools.

Visiting Artists:

  • Splash N Boots, Children's Entertainment, Ontario
  • Anne Budgell, Author/historian, NL
  • Jason Sikoak, Visual Artist, Quebec
  • Mallory Fisher, Actor/Producer, NL
  • Meghan Greeley, Actor/Playwright, NL
  • Michael Wheeler, Coder, NL
  • Julie Lewis, Visual Artist, NL
  • Kuljit Sodhi, Traditional Indian Drummer, Ontario
  • Raeann Brown, Author, NL
  • Pete Barrett, Copper Tooling, Goose Bay, NL
  • Kayla MacLean, Visual Artist. Cartwright, NL
  • Jackie Roberts, Seal Skin Crafts, Cartwright, NL
  • Esther Keefe, Seal Skin Crafts, Black Tickle, NL
  • Tara Keefe, Seal Skin Crafts, Black Tickle, NL
  • Echo Henoche, Visual Artist, Nain, NL
  • Sarah Baikie, Grass Work, Rigolet, NL
  • Grace Normore, Caribou Tufting, L'Ance au Loup, NL
  • Cindy Colissimo, Historical Illustration, L'Ance au Loup, NL
  • Joan Andersen, Community Historian, Makkovik, NL
  • Christine Poker, Visual Artist, Natauahish, NL
  • Scott Rich, Natuashish, NL
  • Aaron Poker, Photographer, Natuashish, NL
  • Nachelle Poker, Photographer, Natuashish, NL
  • Kathy Russell, Seal Skin Crafts, Port Hope Simpson, NL
  • Caroline Sampson, Seal Skin Crafts, Port Hope Simpson, NL
  • Sherry Turnbull, Seal Skin Crafts, Charlottetown, NL
  • Nigel Earle, Visual Artist, Charlottetown, NL
  • Karen Chubbs, Seal Skin Crafts, St. Lewis, NL
  • Monika Rumbolt, Drum Dancing/Throat Singing, Labrador City, NL
  • Vyann Kerby, Salt Dough Art, Mud Lake
  • Jamie Jackman, Singer/Song writer, Goose Bay, NL
  • Ray Bennett, Komatik Builder, Rigolet, NL
  • Rosie Piercy, Bead Work, Hopedale, NL
  • Sarah Jensen, Bead Work, Hopedale, NL
  • Lavina Worthman, Crafter, Postville, NL
  • Emily Best, Crafter, Goose Bay, NL
  • Holly Andersen, Photographer, Makkovik, NL
  • Alexis Cooper, Bead Work, North West River, NL
Due to Covid 19 restrictions 4 schools decided to film their plays and brought them to Goose Bay in June 2021 for viewing! It was fantastic! A new way to participate!

4 Performance Scripts for 2021



47th Festival

Theme: Breaking Boundaries

12 Performance Scripts for 2022

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