Film Screening: The Nunatukuvut Youth Community Engagement Project (NYCEP) participants attended the LCAF to record some of the voices and personalities at the festival. Their goal was to create a short documentary that shed light on the creative practices of the Indigenous youth attending the festival. Through this experience, NunatuKavut youth honed their own skills as videographers and storytellers. In the summer (2019) NYCEP youth participated in the Storytelling Through Social Media workshop facilitated by Jamie Skidmore and Regan Burden. The workshop helped participants develop their videography skills: sound recording, video footage, editing and storytelling. At the Festival, NunatuKavut youth operated a photo booth with the intention of promoting Indigenous pride and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The booth had a backdrop and signs that LCAF participants could hold up, have their photos taken and posted to various social media.

The final project was to produce 4 short films during the festival highlighting their question of the night, interviews, and other activities. The students interviewed, edited and produced these films and they were showcased on Saturday night and Tuesday night. They certainly did illuminate the Labrador Creative Arts Festival!! These skills were shared with visiting youth at the Northern Cross Church during a workshop with Jamie Skidmore and Regan Burden.


Projects from NYCEP! - Interview with Tim Borlase - Interview with LCAF participants - Speaker's Corner 1 - Speaker's Corner 2 - Speaker's Corner 3

Labrador Creative Arts Festival