Festivals in the 1990s


Coordinator: Tim Borlase

Animateur: Peter Soucy

Button Design Winner: Paul MacDonald, Goose High School

Visiting Artists: Di Dabinett, silk paintings; Ilse Hughes, visual artist; Christine Parker Gallery of Fine Arts; Susan Atkinson-Keen, author; Christopher Heide, author; Carol Bolt, author; Sandy Frances Duncan, author; Larry Zacharko, playwright; Menihek Stage Band; Penashue Band; June Baikie, balladeer; Beni Malone, clown; Christine Taylor, drama; Mermaid Theatre, puppet show; Danse Encorps; Dorothy Bowman & Eric Traplin, movement & storytelling.

15 Performance Scripts for 1990



Festival Committee: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Penny Hunter, Noreen Heighton, Cal Patey, Sean McLennon, Owen Budden

Animateur: Lois Brown

Button Design Winner: Cheryl Hope, Mud Lake School, Mud Lake.

Visiting artists: Jo Leslie, dancer; Maritime Marionettes; Youthspeak, Nigel Markham, filmmaker; Ian Tamblyn, sound exploration; Holly Tsan Hagerty, shadow puppets; Larry Zacharko, playwright; Herb Brown, presenting 'Visions of this Land' video featuring many local artists; Happy Valley-Goose Bay Community Concert Band.

17 Performance Scripts for 1991



Festival Committee: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Penny Hunter, Noreen Heighton, Cal Patey, Sean McLennon, Owen Budden Ferstival

Animateur: Lorne Pardy, once a student participant in this Festival.

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Gerald Squires, painting & portraiture; Boyd Chubbs, author & visual artist; Manfred Buchheit, photography as art; Mavis Penney, art education; Werner Zimmerman, cartooning & illustration; George Elliott-Clarke, author; Budge Wilson, author of children's books; Elizabeth Anderson, puppetry, clowning, mime; Adrian Rodgers, theatre games, character development; Christopher Heide, character development, scriptwriting & improvisaton; Fonz van der Linden, dance & movement; Heather & Eric, children's performers; Music Arsenal, electronic music.

15 Performance Scripts for 1992



Festival Committee: Dorrie Brown, Noreen Heighton, Penny Hunter, Sean McLennon, Cal Patey


Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Allison Edmunds, visual arts; Bill Wheaton, visual arts; Jane Sasanow-White, fabric art; Doris Saunders, embroidery; Don Noseworthy, jazz musician; Roseneath Productions, storyteller's theatre; Maritime Marionettes; Pierre Leclerc, chansonnier; Jedd Blackmore, musical theatre; Julia Rank, dance; Julie Scriver, publisher; June Baikie, songwriter; Jim Payne, folksinger & fiddler; Vivi Chediac, choral director; Bill Gaston, author; Deirdre Kessler, songwriter, storyteller; Heather Collins, illustrator; Eskasoni Drummers.

16 Performance Scripts for 1993



Festival Committee: Lorraine Baker, Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Rick Fennimore, Noreen Heighton, Penny Hunter, Donna Lee McLennon, Sean McLennon, Tony Normore, Cal Patey

Animateur: Michelle Daigle

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Primus Theatre; Heather & Eric; Mary Alice Downey, author; Jenni Mayer, author; Rod McIntyre, author; Don Yashinski, storyteller; Coleen Curran, playwright; Rass Ma Tazz, music & dance for children; Charles Monpetit, author & illustrator; Gwynne Dyer, author; Helen Peters, festival script book; Ilse Hughes, art exhibit of 6 women artists; Herb Brown, soapstone carving display.

16 Performance Scripts for 1994



Festival Committee: Lorraine Baker, Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Sharon Edmunds, Peggy Fennimore, Rick Fennimore, Noreen Heighton, Donna Lee McLennon, Sean McLennon, Mike O'Donnell, Merril Strachan

Animateur: Edmund McLean

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Primus Theatre; Heather & Eric with Dermot O'Reilley; Janice Udell, painter; Allison Edmunds, painter; Conrad Furey, painter; Sharon Puddister, printmaker; Carol Bolt, playwright; Bonita Slunder, TV script writer; Kathleen Winter, Rhian Brynjolson, illustrator; Martyn Godfrey; Budge Wilson, writer; Michael Kusugak, storyteller; Terry Morrison, storyteller; David Woods, poet & playwright; Helen Peters; Sean Debidin, choreographer; Libby Anderson, puppeteer; graduating drama students from Leo J. Austin High School, Whitby, Ontario; Marion Cheeks, filmmaker, making a film about the LCAF.

8 Performance Scripts for 1995



Festival Coordinators: Lorraine Baker, Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Paula Corbett, Sharon Fudge, Noreen Heighton, Mary Piercey, Melvie Roberts, Janine White

Advisors: Cal Patey, Merrill Strachan

Volunteers: Ruby Best, Mary Dalton, Shelley Elliott, Julie Greene, Katimavik, Leighanne Power, Michelle Wood

Animateur: Alison Currie

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: FIRST (comprehensive aboriginal art display); Rex Deverell, playwright; John Weier, poet; Carol Langille, author; Milan Tytla, scientist & author; Vladyana Krykorka, illustrator; Christine Koch, visual artist; Melina Benson, engraver; Music Arsenal; Heather Bambrick, Jazz; Woman of Labrador & Saltwater Moon productions; Louise Moyes, dancer/choreographer

11 Performance Scripts for 1996



Coordinator: Tim Borlase

Committee: Dorrie Brown, Sharon Fudge, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Donna Lee McLennon, Mary Piercey, Melvie Roberts, Gillian Saunders, Patty Way.

Volunteers: Ruby Best, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, Peggy Fennimore, Mary Horne, Janice MacKay, Suzanne Mealey, Doris Saunders, Marg Saunders

Animateur: Jocelyn Cunningham

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Legend-Tipatchimun, Innu Band; Sheilagh Harvey, painter; Tara Bryant, painter, bookbinder; Di Dabinett, silk paintings; Dinah Andersen, sculptor; Dwayne Compton, computer assisted design technology; Karen White, wreath making; Robin Peck, print maker; Jamie Lewis & Marion Cheeks, Gathering Voices video project; Dr. Peansiri Vonvipanond, Thai culture; Le Groupe des Arts Bassan, African dance, drumming, cooking, chanting & jewellery making; Jim Morrow, puppet making; David Woods, playwright & poet; Milan Tytla, science writer; Penny Wooding, author/illustrator; Andrea Wanne von Konigslow, author/illustrator; Veronica Charles, author/illustrator; Hugh MacDonald, poet/children's author; Drew Hayden Taylor, playwright; From Bach to Beatles; Tracy Sher, musical theatre; Northern Harmony, community choir; Makkovik Moravian choir; Kathleen Hicks & Olivia Clayton, dance/choreography; Micheline Manseau, ecology

12 Performance Scripts for 1997



Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Jillian Davis, Joyce Davis, Janet Dymond, Debbie Gill, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Madelyn Kelly, Donna Lee McLennon, Suzanne Mealey, Melvie Roberts, Gillian Saunder

Animateur: Bette Douglas

Button Design Winner: Amalia Jararuse, Amos Comenius Memorial School, Hopedale

Visiting Artists: Bernice Morgan, author; Judy Shier, ventriloquist; Mike Burns, storyteller; Betty Dorion, author; Michael Crummey, poet; Beaconsfield Junior High School Band; Suzanne Bennett & Shane MacPherson, musical theatre; Ross Flowers, stone carving; Di Dabinett, silk painting; Judy Taylor, painted floor mats; Don Short, muralist; Dufflebag Theatre; Eleanor Crowder, hero talk & shadow puppets; Mary Piercey, Irish dancing; Jill Kieley, kaleidography; Marion Cheeks & Jamie Lewis, Gathering Voices video production; Helen Peters, 'Who Asked Us Anyway' script compilation project.

15 Performance Scripts for 1998



Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cheryl Broomfield, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, Debbie Gill, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Kathleen Hicks, Suzanne Mealey, Melvie Roberts

Animateur: Todd Hennessey

Button Design Winner: Gary Keefe, St. Peter's School, Black Tickle

Visiting Artists: Betsey Struthers, poet & mystery writer; Barbara Greenwood, historical fiction author; Daniel Lillford, playwright; Susan Goyette, poet; Barbara Reid, author/illustrator, plasticine artist; Jenny Cruikshank, voice; Gary & Jennifer Mitchell, traditional Labrador music; Teresa Doyle, singer; Anastasia Des Roches, step dancer/fiddler; Margaret Best, painter; Cecilia Bungay, folk dancer; John J. Wall, musician; Catherine Wright, movement & choreography; Angaangaq Lyberth, drumdancer; Geordie Theatre Company's 'A Promise Is a Promise'; Renee Pilgrim, film artist

20 Performance Scripts for 1999

Labrador Creative Arts Festival