Festival 2023 : Perspective


Nov. 1-15 — Virtual Visiting Artists
Nov. 20-24 — School Performances & Visiting Artists

The 48th annual Labrador Creative Arts Festival will explore the theme of Perspective. By definition, perspective allows us to examine the way in which we look at something, be it a work of art, a relationship, social media post, or a community concern. Using perspective as a festival theme makes it possible not only to take a deeper look at ideas and possibilities; it also opens up the necessity to question our points of view and make room for those of others. Perspective is shaped by life experiences, values and assumptions, and as such needs to be held up to a strong artistic light. The LCAF has worked with so many organizations nationally through the Art for Social Change Network that we have many contacts to draw upon, such as, the Northern Arts and Culture Centre, Yellowknife, NWT and the First Light Organization, St. John's, NL., just to name a few!

In the complex world of young people in Labrador, as elsewhere, students are exposed to increasingly polarized views, supported by the reinforcement available through social media and through the discourse of adults around them. The expansion of mis-and disinformation need to be addressed by a corresponding increase in critical thinking. A conscious application of the concept of perspective within the development of original collective play scripts and through the production of other artistic forms will oblige performers and audiences to critically examine how they have arrived at their world view and how they can accept and accommodate other ways of seeing the world. We would like to invite Santiago Guzman, as Animateur, a writer, performer, director and producer for theatre and film, originally from Metepec, Mexico, now based in St. John's. He is the Artistic Director of TODOS Productions (NL), the Artistic Associate for Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (NS) and General Manager for Neighbourhood Dance Works (NL). His work as a writer aims to put local, under-represented narratives and characters on the frontlines, whilst inviting audiences to appreciate the vibrancy of Newfoundland and Labrador from a diverse perspective. His plays have been supported, developed and/or produced by theatre companies and festivals across the country, like TODOS Productions (NL), Resource Centre for the Arts Theatre Company (NL), Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland (NL), Rising Tide Theatre (NL), Neighbourhood Dance Works (NL), Eastern Front Theatre (NS), Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (NS), Ship's Theatre Company (NS), Boca Del Lupo (BC), Paprika Festival (ON), and the National Theatre School of Canada's Art Apart Program (QC).

We speak of "having a new perspective," and "seeing things from another person's perspective." Working to achieve these goals means that we learn to understand circumstances from other positions and consider other beliefs. Only by doing this can we promote empathy and reduce conflict. In a time when our communities and our youth are reconsidering identity, gender, and the world of work, multiple perspectives can provide meaningful and creative approaches to concerns and possibilities.

There is so much "PERSPECTIVE" to share during the 48th LCAF - so much to learn and broaden from. So much to think about and how to respect the perspective of others around you. We predict a wonderful festival for all — to share and grow!


Perspective Photo Challenge

Take some pictures with your class or friends or even yourself to show how perspective can be used in picture taking!! Send your photos to: coordinator@labradorcreativeartsfestival.ca and they will be printed off and displayed at the Lawrence O'Brien Arts Centre during the festival and shared on the LCAF Face Book Page! Have some fun!


Here are some examples to help you get started!


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