Festivals in the 2000s


Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cheryl Broomfield, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, Debbie Gill, Julie Green, Noreen Heighton, Kathleen Hicks, Suzanne Mealey, Melvie Roberts

Animateur: Scott Burke

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Louise Profeit LeBlanc, storyteller; Toby Kinsella, storyteller; Rene Fumoleau, storyteller; Chief Lindsay Marshall, poet; Nympha Byrne, Innu collector & writer; Patty Way, genealogist; Michelle Baikie, photographer (The Orkneys, Coming Home exhibit); Tara Bryan, illustrator/book maker (Books in a Box project); Andrea Beck, children's author; Laura Jackson, environmental activist; Daniel David Moses, playwright; Debahjamajig Theatre; Joe Blades, poet; Streetnix, a capella group; Katrein, jazz singer; Judy Matthews, painter; Maritime Marionettes

  • Last year of filming by Marion Cheeks & Jamie Lewis for the documentary on the Festival.

14 Performance Scripts for 2000



Coordinators: Tim Borlase, Cheryl Broomfield, Dorrie Brown, Gilbert Davis, Joyce Davis, DebbieGill, Noreen Heighton, Kathleen Hicks, Suzanne Mealey

Animateur: Laurie Murphy

Button Design Winner:

Visiting Artists: Andy Stewart & Mary Jo Slattery, Cajun music; Alexandra Conover & Ned Garner, 'jig-a-jig' music; Lester Burden, artist working with found materials; Jeffrey Denny, Mik'maw dancer and assemblage creator; Clarice Rudkowski, environmental activist & paint dancing; Trickster, learning through action group; Judy McGrath, natural dye specialist; Elaine Anton, ethnologist; Leah Rosenmeier, archaeologist; Shirley Moorhouse, Inuit fabric artist; Nympha Byrne, Innu storyteller; Karen Pye, clothing designer; Gilbert Hay, sculptor; Janet McNaughton, author; Shelley Leedahl, author; Adrienne Mason, science writer; Susan Tooke, illustrator/graphic designer; Sharon Cavanagh, playwright; Linda Hutzell Manning, poet/picture book author/playwright; Les & Glenys Noseworthy, painter (lighthouses); Heather & Eric, children's performers; Daughters of the Rock, a capella group; Dorrie Brown, designing props

  • Release of the video 'Now It's Our Turn The Spirit of The Labrador Creative Arts Festival'. Produced by Marion Cheeks, this video chronicles the first 25 years of the Festival.

12 Performance Scripts for 2001



Coordinator: Tim Borlase

Animateur: Larry Zacharko

Button Design Winner: Lee Semigak, Lake Melville School, North West River

Visiting Artists: Diane Hicks Morrow, poet; Carmelita McGrath, author; Jean Blackie, author; David Carpenter, poet & murder mystery author; Beni Malone & Anahario White Malone, clowning & circus techniques; Michelle Baikie, photography & computer digitization; Sheilagh Harvey, painter; Lester Burden, art with found objects; El Viento Flamenco; Nain Drum Dancers; Sun Dogs, rock band; Jan Thornhill, author; Holly Hagerty, storyteller; Kevin Major, author; George Paul & the Red Ochre Band; Sandra Blackmore, dancer; Lambchops, musical improv troupe; Cindy Gibbons, stories of past times at Red Bay & L'Anse Amour; Jan Foley, visual artist; Omar Badrin, painter; Judy Russell, visual art.

Exhibits: Moravian Church Photographic collection; Home Remedies; Student art from the RC School Board 1997.

  • Birth of the 'Wish Fish', a huge paper fish sculpture made by Jan Foley. Written wishes were inserted in the fish which was delivered to Julie Bettney, Minister of Culture. This creation became the symbol for the community's lobbing to have a new auditorium, the 'Wish Fish Auditorium', built on the new high school.
  • LCAF, in conjunction with the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Arts Council, sponsored the 'Dreamcatcher Tour' featuring Tom Jackson & Susan Aglukark.

19 Performance Scripts for 2002



Coordinators: Tim Borlase,

Animateurs: Deb Loughead & Noreen Heighton

Winning Button Design: Ryan Thompson, grade 7, Queen of Peace Middle School, HV-GB.

Visiting Artists: Red Suga, Mi'kmaq hip-hop artists; Yvonne Ng, dancer; Scruncheons, percussion group; Maya Apfelbaum, dancer (with elephants); Gerard Kelly, sculptor; Dawn MacNutt, sculptor in copper wire; Shirley Greer, printmaker & bookbinder; Bettina Reinsch, batik; Tracy Keats, potter; Celia Lottridge, storytelling; Maxine Trottier, historical fiction

  • Glenn Tilley, CBC radio producer, spent a week with students to produce a radio play written by a local student. The play was broadcast on CBC Weekend AM.

5 Performance Scripts for 2003



Coordinators: Tim Borlase

Animateur: Ken Schwartz

Winning Button Design:

Visiting Artists: Rachna Gilmore, author; Jane Drake; Peter Stone, Kenneth McGregor, Karleen Bradford, Mary Jo Slattery & Andy Steward, Cajun music; Anne Love; Cathia Finkel; Ann Hart; Cindy O'Neill, actor; Janie Park, children's author; Baptiste Neis & Montgomery Hall, video; Kenny Mead, set design & technician; Suzie Counsel; Kenata Native Dancers.

  • New: students developed stories and produced short videos with the help of Baptiste Neis & Montgomery Hall.

9 Performance Scripts for 2004



Coordinator: Rachael Borlase

Committee: Tim Borlase, Dorrie Brown, Caroline Crawford, Debbie Gill, Claudia Mann, Suzanne Mealey, Geoff Richardson

Animateur: Steven Drover

Winning Button Design:

Visiting Artists: Sarah Stoker, dance; Jan Andrews, author; Linda Carson, visual art; Susan Tooke, illustrator; Wallace Ryan, cartoonist; Vicki Grant, author; Kevin McAleese, Curator of Archaeology and Ethnology Provincial Museum Of Newfoundland and Labrador; Anna Marie Kerr; Tara Patriquin; Anna MacLean; Matthew Walker; Shawn Duggan; Stephen Loring, archaeologist; Ed Kavanagh, author/musician; Jane Wells, Sherry Smith & Lorne Pardy, acting workshops; Ellen Bryant Obed, author; Byron Hamel, songwriter; Kathleen Borlase, Kathleen Hicks, Judy Bradley, Merrill Strachan & Caroline Crawford, Nothern Mosaic;

11 Performance Scripts for 2005



Coordinator: Joyce Davis


Animateur: Robert Chafe

Winning Button Design:

Visiting Artists: Louise Moyes, dance & storytelling; Port-au-port Story: Mattis Benoit, Romano DiNillo, Duane Andrews, Diana Daly; Joanne Taylor, author; Mary Ellen Wright, genealogist; Anna Syperek, painter; Peter Murphy, videographer; Irene Poole & Tim Campbell, actors; Lynda Faulks & Victorine Dionne, clay project; James Anderson (Uncle Jim Anderson), history in photos; Audrey Feltham, printmaker; Maureen Hull, author; Janet McNaughton, author; Contemperc (percussion): Michel Deschenes, Pierre Guy Blanchard, Joel Cormier; Michelle Baikie, photography; Mavis Penney, visual artist

12 Performance Scripts for 2006



Coordinator: Rachael Borlase

Committee: Dorrie Brown Fiona Anderson, Tim Borlase, Debbie Gill, Martha MacDonald, Claudia Mann, Suzanne Mealey, Geoff Richardson

Animateur: Varrick Grimes

Winning Button Design:

Visiting Artists: Beatrix Arendt, archaeologist; Ted Staunton, author; Pete Barrett, fabric artist; Calvin Jackman, painter; Sara Tilley, clown; Yvonne Ng, dancer; Alice Walsh, author; Gerald Freake, accordion player; Cherie Pyne, 'Rock School for Girls'; Duncan Major, author, visual artist; Hilary Rice; Doug Rodger & Barbara Gordon, theatre; Mabaroshi Orchestra, shadow puppetry; East Rock Crew, hip-hop dancers; Ticklish Brother, video shoot & editing; Ron Fougere, architect.

12 Performance Scripts for 2007



Coordinator: Dorrie Brown

Committee: Fiona Andersen, Valerie Anderson, Tim Borlase,Caroline Crawford, Debbie Gill, Martha MacDonald,Suzanne Mealey, Penny, Angèle Yetman,

Button design winner: Caitlin LePatourelle from Queen of Peace Middle School.

Animateur: Sara...h McDonald-Anderson

Visiting Artists: Craig Goudie, visual artist; Calla Lachance, danser; Robert Chafe, playwrite, Skeena Reese; Jason Skellar; Jowi Taylor, Six-String Nation Project; Agnes Walsh; SusanChalker-Browne; Dale Jarvis; ShirleyMontague; Melanie Mooney; Heather &Eric; Emily Pohl-Weary; Kathleen Winter; Vickie Walsh; Derek Wilton; Byron Hamel; Christina Smith

We don't have the names of all the button designers. If you know who the button winner was for a particular year, please contact the webmaster.

13 Performance Scripts for 2008



No festival this year.

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