Festivals in the 1970s


Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • Eight schools from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Northwest River & Sheshatshiu participate.
  • Forty short plays with a variety of themes performed in a variety of locations over a one-week period.



Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • Initial funding from an Explorations Grant through Canada Council.
  • Sixty groups participate with Hopedale, Nain, Rigolet, Makkovik and Paradise River joining the schools of the Lake Melville area.
  • Festival moves to the Kin Centre for the entire week.



Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • 90 groups perform during the daytime, in North West River & Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
  • Festival directly involves 2,000 students.



Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

  • Major Canada Council grant is received.
  • Festival moves to evening performances at the USAF Social Centre.
  • Cartwright and Mud Lake join in for the first time.
  • For the first time an animateur is employed. Thea Borlase's role is to help increase student awareness in the arts.
  • Local heritage activities are planned for the coastal students during the daytime.
  • Certificates of participation and special merit are awarded.
  • Coverage of the Festival in a workshop at the National Conference of Canadian Council of Teachers of English as well as at the Provincial High School Drama Festival.

6 Performance Scripts for 1978



Coordinators: Tim Borlase & Noreen Heighton

Theme: Them Days

Animateur: Cathy Pottle

  • National Book Festival grant received.
  • Festival moves to Goose High School and Black Tickle joins for the first time.
  • The Festival is featured in an article in 'Act II' Atlantic Teachers' Magazine and workshopped by Dorrie Brown at the the Educational Drama & Spoken English Council Annual Workshop.

13 Performance Scripts for 1979

Labrador Creative Arts Festival