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Listed below are all performance scripts since 1978. Live performances were not possible in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions. Instead, numerous online sessions took place (see our Festival History - 2020s for more info). Four schools filmed their plays in 2021 and those scripts are included here. Live performances resumed in 2022.

Community:  498 scripts
YearScript TitleCommunity
2022An Unexpected Date Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2022Double Standard Black Tickle
2022Dream Big Cartwright
2022Ele Ducks L'Anse au Loup
2022Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do Churchill Falls
2022High School Horror Postville
2022Inside the Box Makkovik
2022Living on the Land Natuashish
2022Me Too Hopedale
2022Our Story of Hope Nain
2022The Do-Over Sheshatshiu
2022The Truth Rigolet
2021A Fisherman’s Choice Black Tickle
2021Pull Your Stitches Tight Cartwright
2021Unikkausik Hopedale
2021Unknown Postville
2019Change Minds, Not The Climate Rigolet
2019KaumanitsaunialikKuk : It Will Be Brighter Now Nain
2019Lighten Up! North West River
2019Seeing Emma Hopedale
2019Sparks Will Fly Postville
2019Stuck With You! Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2019The Legend Natuashish
2019The Lights Cartwright
2019What is Illumination? Makkovik
2018A Catt’s Tale Black Tickle
2018Asiangulu kisiani piusigijait: Changing Your Perspective Nain
2018Cellphone Apocalypse Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2018Don't Stop the Music Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2018Metamorphosis Postville
2018Ours to Have Rigolet
2018Sedna Renewed Hopedale
2018The New Kid North West River
2018Them Days Makkovik
2018x-unknown Cartwright
2017Eye Have a Dream Cartwright
2017How Do You See Us Churchill Falls
2017Pride Black Tickle
2017Seeing the Truth Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2017Separate Ways x-unknown
2017The Boy Who Didn’t Believe Natuashish
2016Black Tickle's Fighting Spirit Black Tickle
2016Lina x-unknown
2016Mama I'm Gone! Cartwright
2016Orianna x-unknown
2016This Isn't Right Rigolet
2016Too Much Drama: Volleybully Edition x-unknown
2016Untitled x-unknown
2015A Feeble Attempt Black Tickle
2015Bad Luck Rigolet
2015Blood Ties Sheshatshiu
2015Cause It's Not Too Late Postville
2015Forgotten Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2015Hectic Holiday Churchill Falls
2015Home for a Wedding Nain
2015Let's Go Home Makkovik
2015Momma, I'm Home Cartwright
2015The Luck of a Coastie Hopedale
2015Worst Play Scenario Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2014A Twisted Fairy Tale Conception Bay South
2014Can Tech-know-logy Reveal the Truth? Cartwright
2014Communication Expectations Black Tickle
2014Connection Dropped Nain
2014Did You Hear? Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2014James's Story Sheshatshiu
2014Linzy's Dream Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2014Now I Can Hear Your Pain Hopedale
2014Pitch Slapped Makkovik
2014The Important Things Postville
2014The Magic School Door Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2014What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen? Rigolet
2013A New Beginning Hopedale
2013A Rough Start to a New Beginning North West River
2013An Afternoon with an Elder Nain
2013At Any Cost? Churchill Falls
2013Braving the Storm Black Tickle
2013Future Frontiers Cartwright
2013Growing Up Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2013Let's Play Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2013The Beginning x-unknown
2013The Life Switch Makkovik
2013Them Scary Old Stories Rigolet
2013Wolverine Natuashish
2012A Night at the Movies Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2012Back in Time Black Tickle
2012Beauty Can Be a Beast Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2012Changing Tides in Cartwright Cartwright
2012Everybody Hurts? Sometimes North West River
2012Kauitatikumat Natuashish
2012Moving Forward Churchill Falls
2012Reflections Hopedale
2012The Day Before Makkovik
2012The Influenza of 1918 Postville
2012To Transform or not to Transform? That Is the Question Rigolet
2012Unikkausivut Tautsejuk Nain
2011A Day on the Beach Natuashish
2011A Journey of Discovery Cartwright
2011Along the Shoreline Black Tickle
2011Between the Shore of Reality and the Ocean of Imagination North West River
2011Boat Harbour Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2011Dangerous Waters Hopedale
2011Give Me Back My Dad! Rigolet
2011I Swear I Heard Something Glovertown
2011Journeys Churchill Falls
2011Land and Sea (Pirate Style) Postville
2011The Forgotten Beach Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2010-2A Day in the Life North West River
2010-2Be Careful What You Wish For Cartwright
2010-2Best Friends Forever Churchill Falls
2010-2Facebook Versus Friends Makkovik
2010-2Fly Away Rigolet
2010-2I Believe I Can Fly Postville
2010-2Life Lessons at 20,000 Feet Nain
2010-2Name Unknown Mud Lake
2010-2Next Time Take the Boat Black Tickle
2010-2Snow White Sheshatshiu
2010-2Stranded Natuashish
2010-2Taking Flight Hopedale
2010-2The Unexpected Adventure Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2010-1A Moment in Time Rigolet
2010-1First Churchill Falls
2010-1Going, Going, NOT Gone! Hopedale
2010-1Golden Moments Cartwright
2010-1If You Only Knew! Black Tickle
2010-1It Can't Be Done Mud Lake
2010-1OnStars and Northern Lights Postville
2010-1Romeo mak Juliet Natuashish
2008Channel "E" News Hopedale
2008Clue: The Real Mystery/The Witch Bridge/Satisfied Ever After Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2008Energy to Change the World Postville
2008Manteu Becomes a Man Natuashish
2008Masked: A Play About Human Understanding Mary's Harbour
2008Mommy, It's Over! Makkovik
2008Romeo & Juliet Revisited North West River
2008The Fantastic Freaks! Rigolet
2008The Little Tundra That Would Have Nain
2008The Magical Land of Zanzigar Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2008The Sister from Hell Mud Lake
2008The Splitting Axe Churchill Falls
2008This Is Our Home Black Tickle
2007All Around Labrador Mud Lake
2007All in the Family Cartwright
2007Fading Away Churchill Falls
2007Hypnotism for Dummies/When It's Up to the Humies/Pandora's Box Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2007I Want to Be a Rock Star Makkovik
2007New Neighbours Natuashish
2007Resettlement Hopedale
2007Something Special Postville
2007The Mukushuan Sheshatshiu
2007What Goes Wrong Can Be Made Right Nain
2007Wheel of Poverty Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2007Who's It Gonna Hurt? North West River
2006A Labradorian Night's Dream Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2006A Modern Cinderella Story Cartwright
2006Campfire Storytelling Rigolet
2006Friends: The Labrador Reunion Makkovik
2006Let's Pretend! Natuashish
2006Messing Up/My Crazy Teacher Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2006So Much For My Happy Ending Black Tickle
2006To Leave or Not to Leave Mud Lake
2006Tundra Nain
2006Under the Northern Lights: A Northern Version of A Midsummer Night's Dream Hopedale
2006What Really Matters Postville
2006Who Were We Churchill Falls
2005Dream Scheme Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2005I Should Have Known Makkovik
2005Miss Cartwright 2005 Cartwright
2005Once Upon a Berry Patch Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2005Take a Closer Look Mary's Harbour
2005The Adventures of Bullying Natuashish
2005The Memory Box Churchill Falls
2005The Silence Is so Loud Nain
2005There's Nothing We Can't Do Postville
2005Titanic 2: The Sequel Black Tickle
2005What Friends Are For Mud Lake
2004Bobby's Girl Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2004Forever to Say Good Bye Nain
2004Imagine Hopedale
2004In or Out Mary's Harbour
2004It Sure Helps Mud Lake
2004Little Sisters Makkovik
2004Not So Innocent Black Tickle
2004So Much For My Happy Ending Natuashish
2004The Ultimate Price Postville
2003A Musical Tribute to Bill Andersen Sr. (1919-1998) Makkovik
2003Christmas in Porkchop Cove Cartwright
2003Life's Like That Nain
2003The Smoker Trilogy Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2003The Soldier Mud Lake
2002?And Working Overtime Cartwright
2002A Not So Mysterious Mystery Mud Lake
2002Alice Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2002Blind Date Black Tickle
2002Bully Wise Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2002Corner of Jarvis and Queen Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2002Da New Road Mary's Harbour
2002Everyone Is Unique Labrador City
2002Hidden Friend Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2002Lost Nain
2002Love Hurts Black Tickle
2002Make It Go Away Hopedale
2002Oh, to Be Popular Makkovik
2002Orphan Boy: An Innu Legend Davis Inlet
2002Something to Be Proud Of Postville
2002Take Me as I Am Cartwright
2002The Cappuccino Legends Churchill Falls
2002The Ghost of Peacock Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2002The Time of Our Lives Hopedale
2001911 Postville
2001A Night in the Bay Black Tickle
2001On the Boat Again with Lorraine Rostad Makkovik
2001One Voice Mary's Harbour
2001Roberto and Jeanette, Where Art Thou? Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2001Taking Care of Business Cartwright
2001The Evil Scheme Mud Lake
2001The Ladies' Man Makkovik
2001The Time in Goose Cove Cartwright
2001Too High a Price Churchill Falls
2001We Don't Live in Igloos Nain
2001Wind Over Dark Tickle Rigolet
2000And the Verdict Is? Churchill Falls
2000Aunt Steller's True Love Mary's Harbour
2000Cravings Hopedale
2000Homework or Not? That Is the Question Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2000Is the Outside Image Really Everything? Postville
2000Journey of Hope Davis Inlet
2000Make-over Magic Makkovik
2000Snowdrift and the Pickannys Cartwright
2000The Elephant's Child Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2000The Giant North West River
2000The Goofy Brothers Mud Lake
2000The Iron Mountain Labrador City
2000The Wonder Years: a.k.a. Partridge Soup for the Teenage Soul Happy Valley-Goose Bay
2000Walking on Thin Ice Rigolet
1999Classified Black Tickle
1999Ghost Stories Can Come True Cartwright
1999Hidden Reality Black Tickle
1999How Bizarre! Makkovik
1999Images of Gathering, Healing, the Country, Talking, Dreaming Davis Inlet
1999It's All Been Done Before Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1999Looking Back and Ahead Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1999Mr. Miser's Frightful Night Mud Lake
1999Promises to Keep Hopedale
1999Shame of a Nation Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1999Smoker North West River
1999Strong Enough Postville
1999Terminal Terror Churchill Falls
1999The Diary Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1999The H.G.A. Players: Unglued! Cartwright
1999The Little Man Labrador City
1999The Story of Princess Dalida Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1999To Be? Or Not to Be? Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1999Voices of the Past Makkovik
1999Who Has It? Rigolet
1998Be Careful What You Dream! Cartwright
1998Beneath the Surface Black Tickle
1998Mud Lake: Now and Then Mud Lake
1998Murder in the Manor Churchill Falls
1998Parent's Wish: Makkovik 1998 Makkovik
1998Remembering a Dear Friend Postville
1998That's Life! Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1998The Cold Within Labrador City
1998The Cool School Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1998The Court of Judge Upright Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1998The Sins of the Father Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1998The Twins Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1998Time? And Time Again Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1998Unforgettable Churchill Falls
1998Wasn't That a Party! Hopedale
1997Bear You Are! Cartwright
1997Behind Closed Doors Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1997Chronic Pain Postville
1997Legend of the Bat Sheshatshiu
1997Our Justice Mud Lake
1997See Sherman Faustus, See Sherman Faustus Run Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1997The Haunted School North West River
1997The Inuit: Struggle and Survival Hopedale
1997The Little Hoodlums Makkovik
1997The Ruby Gem Show Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1997Those Darn Rats Rigolet
1997What's Love Got to Do with It? Black Tickle
1996Another Problem Black Tickle
1996Beside Myself Rigolet
1996Cinderelle Cartwright
1996First Churchill Falls
1996Here's a Bite of a Meteorite Makkovik
1996Multiculturalism Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1996Remember When Hopedale
1996Say, Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before? Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1996The Little Fir Tree North West River
1996The Ticket Mud Lake
1996Twisted Obsession Postville
1995A Trip Through Time Makkovik
1995All That Glitters Is Not? Rigolet
1995Bud's Barber Shop Mud Lake
1995Fanatasia Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1995IkKaumajannik Hopedale
1995On Coming Home Makkovik
1995That's Life! Cartwright
1995The Tale (and Fins) of the Tuna Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1994A White Rose Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1994A Whodunnit for the Nineties Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1994Asiulittuk Hopedale
1994En francais, s'il vous plait! Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1994Enviroman Mud Lake
1994How Pien Went to Skyland: The Origin of the Big Dipper Sheshatshiu
1994Inogusiujuit Nain
1994Lady Diana at the Makkovik Sports Meet Makkovik
1994Lest We Forget This Long Journey Makkovik
1994Let's Talk Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1994Mirrors Churchill Falls
1994Oh Father Black Tickle
1994Shiftin' Out Cartwright
1994Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell: The Santa Claus of the Coast Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1994The Change Postville
1994The Office North West River
1993Behind the Scenes Black Tickle
1993Braindead Hopedale and Nain
1993Cendrillon du Labrador Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1993Clueless Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1993Jumpin's, Here They Comes Again! Cartwright
1993One Now Dead Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1993One Part of My Life Makkovik
1993Rock-n-roll Fish Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1993Romeo and Juliet? Unplugged Postville
1993Saturday Night, Live Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1993Smith Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1993The Clever Fox North West River
1993The Tale of the Robin Hoods and the King Who Lost His Crown Rigolet
1993The Way I Am Churchill Falls
1993To Be or Not to Be Paradise River
1993Toronto Mud Lake
1992A Different World Hopedale
1992A Wonderful Life After All Makkovik
1992Are You Superstitious? Here's Why Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1992Behind Closed Doors Postville
1992Catch You Later? Maybe Black Tickle
1992My Blue Heaven Nain and Davis Inlet
1992Mystical Visitor Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1992Rumournistic Cartwright
1992Stick With It Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1992The Curse of the Lotto Ticket Mud Lake
1992The Long Lost Princess Rigolet
1992The Rehearsal Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1992The Snow Queen Labrador City
1992There's Something Fishy Going On Here Paradise River
1992Traverspine Gorilla North West River
1991After Five Years? Mud Lake
1991Baby Talk Churchill Falls
1991Caught in Time Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1991Empire Junior High Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1991Evil Lives Labrador City
1991Fairytale Theatre Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1991Home Away from Home Hopedale
1991In the Ghettos of Warsaw Postville
1991Our Land, Our People Nain
1991People Are People Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1991Santa Cancels Christmas North West River
1991The Grass Is Always Greener Cartwright
1991The Gym Genie Makkovik
1991The Quest for Food Davis Inlet
1991The Twinkles Rigolet
1991W.W. Black Tickle
1991Welcome to Paradise Paradise River
1990A Day for a Knight Long Ago Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1990A Night to Remember Paradise River
1990A Tribute to Marine Atlantic Postville
1990A Woman's Place Labrador City
1990An Easy Way Out Hopedale
1990Chameleon Makkovik
1990Different Lifestyles Mud Lake
1990Inuvia Viet Nainimi Nain
1990Justice and Law Labrador City
1990Paradise Café Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1990Parents Just Don't Understand Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1990Play, What Play? Cartwright
1990Three's Company, Four's a Crowd Mary's Harbour
1990Victims Rigolet
1990Yesterday's Moments Are Today's Memories Black Tickle
1989A Chance for a Big Catch Mud Lake
1989Cinderelle Makkovik
1989Earth We Care Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1989Exceptional Children Labrador City
1989Gone, But Not Forgotten Postville
1989Help Me! Rigolet
1989If A Child? Churchill Falls
1989Just Call Me Sugar Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1989Life Is a Field of Honor Black Tickle
1989Money Changes Everything Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1989My Blue Heaven Hopedale and Davis Inlet
1989Nobody's Child Mary's Harbour
1989One Ghost Too Many Nain
1989Remembering Christmas North West River
1989Shiftin' Out Cartwright
1989Yesterday Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1988Be Prepared Mud Lake
1988Cartwright, A One-Horse Town Cartwright
1988Christmas Past and Future Rigolet
1988Home, Which Home? Nain
1988I Don't Want This Education Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1988Inside 'en Out Black Tickle
1988Le Café Crocodile Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1988Pulling Up Roots Forteau
1988The Bear Hunt Paradise River
1988The First Lie Makkovik
1988Them Days Hopedale
1988Un Pyjama Party Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1988Who Will Stop the Rain? St. Lewis
1987All Lydia's Children North West River
1987Basque Whaler in My Basement Red Bay
1987Best Years of Our Lives?! Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1987Fish and Brewis Cartwright
1987Innocent Before Proven Guilty Makkovik
1987Kanitukuluk Nain
1987Never Cry Dog Mud Lake
1987No Easy Way Out Mary's Harbour
1987One Summer Dream Davis Inlet
1987The Boarding House Paradise River
1987The Caribou Man Rigolet
1987The Sebaskachu Monster North West River
1987Two Different Worlds Black Tickle
1986A Matter of Justice Black Tickle
1986Bats Mud Lake
1986Between Late Night Snacks Mary's Harbour
1986Come See For Yourself Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1986I Hate Myself Makkovik
1986Jim's Trap Berth Port Hope Simpson
1986Mean Streets Red Bay
1986P.C.B.'s: Possibly Contaminated Berries Cartwright
1986Parent's Wish - Child's Burden St. Lewis
1986Tears Hopedale
1986The Price Is Wrong/WGAB News, Weather, Sports, Transportation and the Social Scene/Air Labrador Paradise River
1986Then and Now Rigolet
1986They Didn't Want to Leave Nain
1985An Act of Will West St. Modeste
1985Bears on Hemlock Mountain Rigolet
1985Issumatsasiuk Nain
1985It's A Girl's Game, Too Churchill Falls
1985Karen's Return Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1985Lydia Campbell's Memories North West River
1985New Girl in Town Makkovik
1985Poems Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1985Second Chance Hopedale
1985The Labrador Coast, or Good Times & Hard Times Mary's Harbour
1985The Stonecutter Mud Lake
1985Who Asked Us Anyway? Cartwright
1983Chemical to Let Black Tickle
1983Crazy Crinkle Cove Clinic Mary's Harbour
1983Garge's Queer Smelt Port Hope Simpson
1983Goose Bay! Goose Bay! Cartwright
1983Janet's Dreams North West River
1983Jessie's Dream Mud Lake
1983Kamatik Named Desire Makkovik
1983Spirit in the Falls Churchill Falls
1983The Easy Way Out Nain
1983Women of Labrador Hopedale
1983Yesterday's Imagination is Tomorrow's Reality Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1982Bar Room Brawl Mary's Harbour
1982Looking Ahead/Looking Back Mud Lake
1982The Special Achievement Awards Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1982The Telephone Nain
1982Tomorrow Today Makkovik
1981All in the Family Nain
1981Getting the Point West St. Modeste
1981Hold On North West River
1981Led Astray Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1981Looking Back Mud Lake
1981Smoker Rigolet
1981Television Comes to Our Town Makkovik
1981The Flight Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1981The Little Prince Black Tickle
1981The Trouble with Bubbles Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1981Up the Base Hopedale
1981We Seek No City Streets Nor Lanes Rigolet
1980Good Bye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow Makkovik
1980Sons of Labrador Nain
1980The Recollections of Grandpa Brown Cartwright
1980Transportation Yesterday and Today Rigolet
1980Who Gets Labrador, Us or Them? Hopedale
1979A Child's First Komatik Ride (1982 anthology version)Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1979A Play About Bertha Andersen Makkovik
1979From Drums to Drums (1982 anthology version)Nain
1979Getting Ready for Winter in "Them Days" - Rigolet 1938 Rigolet
1979Ghosts, You Say?? Paradise River
1979I Likes to Go Fishing North West River
1979If I Had One Wish Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1979Memories of Labrador Makkovik
1979Monday's Dinner Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1979Settled Up- Eh? Black Tickle
1979The Spanish Flu 1917 Cartwright
1979Them Days and Now (1982 anthology version)Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1979Woman of Labrador Mud Lake
1978Easter Fair in Rigolet Rigolet
1978Labrador Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1978Okak: Spanish Flu 1917 Nain
1978Re-Enacting the Seal Hunt Makkovik
1978Seal Hunt Happy Valley-Goose Bay
1978The Stove-Cakes Paradise River
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